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Created on 2010-01-05 04:15:57 (#470314), last updated 2010-08-10 (375 weeks ago)

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Name:The Sandsea - Final Fantasy XII fanworks
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to The Sandsea! Take a seat, have a pint, stay a while. This is a community for fans of Final Fantasy XII, whether you're newbie or oldbie. Fanart, fanfiction, icons, random musings - it's all welcome here.

1) Only post things related to FFXII
2) Large images and adult content should be under a cut.
3) Warn for the big three: non-con, character death, underaged/minor sex. If there are explicit kinks, it is recommended you add a 'content' line on your header. Fanfiction and fanart should both contain a rating.
4) No drama. No fighting about ships. Character bashing is heavily frowned upon. Let's try to get along!
5) Have fun! Participate! That's what makes a community, a community. :)

When posting fanfiction or fanart, please contain the following in your header:

Title: ('Untitled' doesn't count!)
Rating: (people like to know these things)
Characters/Pairing: (if it's gen, just let us know who it's about)
Warnings/Content: (warnings are mandatory; content is optional but recommended)
Summary: (a sentence will do!)

And for your convenience, copy/paste!

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